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The bike I've been the best rider on was my ZX-7R. I think what you're believing is agility is actually a much lower weight, different rake, and possibly the thinner front tire.

Depending on the speed and the road, I could see how a fixed up DR650 would be great, but it's still nowhere in comparison to a ZX through sweeping fast turns. Even if a DR650 did have the HP to keep up, on a more open race track it's flex would be too much for me to care about it.

If a rider's hard turns are at 45 to 65 (or even under, obviously), the DR could seem like the bike to have. The 'agility' of a sport bike comes when you're taking corners faster than most states' top speed limits.
Sport bikes are obviously going to be better in the sweepers, but what I'm calling "agility" is my way of describing quick transitions from side to side and the way it goes around tight turns where the top speed isn't going to be in sport bike territory. For instance, our crest road up the Sandia mountains is a VERY tightly turning road. There's only a couple of nice sweepers where the sport bikes can let their hair down, but for the rest, even on a 21" front DS tire, I was able to stay comfortably close to some of the lesser riders of the sport bike group. I can imagine that better rubber would make it that much better, as the Shinko 705's did let go on me once or twice.
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