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Question removing the kill switch

I've been having problems getting the bike to start, so I took the starter/kill switch assembly off the bars and decided to clean it. As soon as I popped the kill switch out, it basically disintegrated on me. I guess 12 year old plastic doesn't hold up very well to the New Mexico desert and sun. I never actually used the damn thing because it always stuck closed, so I'm just planning on leaving it off the bike entirely and sealing up the hole with a piece of rubber or something. My questions:
1. Is this okay to do?
2. When I de-solder the orange wires going to the kill switch, do I need to solder them together and make a connection or keep them separated so they cannot make a connection?
3. Anyone else done this before?
4. Why are there 6 wires on one end of the wiring loom and 7 on the other end?

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