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So I finally got to rebuilding the forks. The ones that were on the bike were pitted to the point where I doubted thier integrity...

So Randi found a set of forks from a CM400 for cheap and got em coming in the mail. After checking em out I saw they would not be a bolt in, so I pulled em apart and what do you know, the inner tube and guts bolted right into the lower fork legs of the CL. The springs are even progressive!

The CM400 inner tubes are a touch longer than the CLs, but Im thinking we can just push em up in the triple trees if needed. I also picked up a set of tapered roller bearings for the steering head today. So after the frame gets painted those will go in and we will be able to see how these forks install. Engine gaskets should be here right before Thanksgiving, so after that we should be able to inspect the engine and ensure its good to go...
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