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I don't have a photo of it cuz some attractive young thing tore it to shreds, but when I was getting ready for a ride the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway back in 2008 my neighbor's little girl asked me to take her little stuffed monkey along and take pictures of it in every state, preferably with people I met on the road. So I lodged it right behind the windshield and set out for adventure!

I made it to State College PA the first day, saw a couple of sweet coeds with sweater puppies to die for. Pulled up and asked if I could take a photo of them holding my monkey.

Poor choice of words, as it turned out, but I'd never heard one's junk called that before! Did you know a properly outraged woman can leave fingernail marks in a helmet visor?
I got a sidecar to travel with my dog. He never complains, is delighted to be with me, approves of my dietary choices, is a social butterfly who helps me meet folks, appreciates a good beer, snuggles better than my wife, and hangs on my every word as if it's the most profound thing he's ever heard.
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