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Originally Posted by AustinJake View Post
TE450 not really a good choice for adventure bike, although it does carry almost 2 quarts of oil. I was gonna adventure ride my TE 450, but the bike does not meet the criteria, it's a race bike with lights. The trans is more like a 4 speed, the 6 gears are spaced sooo close together, and for racing that's great. I've actually got 11,000 miles on mine in less than 2 years, but to ride it more than an hour at a time on pavement is not fun. The power of the bike shreds tires, I get 500 miles out of a DOT knobby before it turns into a spinning, useless piece of rubber, I push it til 1000 miles but the last 500 are not any fun in the sand and mud.

The TE 450 is GREAT if you put it in a pickup, haul it to New Mexico or Colorado, and ride from dawn to dusk and always end up at your camp. Great bike for that.
+1. Jake is 100% right. Race bike with lights. I had the 510 (not 450) but it is basically the same bike. Sold it this summer as it was not good on the blacktop at all. The bike was outstanding at speed in the desert, but not even close to being a dual sport. Husky took out the counterbalancer in 2006, anything newer than a 2005 will vibrate badly on the blacktop. The engine is aggressive and stalls relatively easy. Great when pushed hard, not that good for relaxed trail riding, horrible on the blacktop.

A KTM RFS would be a better choice, it has super WR gearbox and a smooth engine. Still a poor choice for a ADV bike, it is a racebike after all, but still better. Something like a DRZ400 might be your best choice, they are built to last and won’t require heavy maintenance or regular engine rebuilds when the miles pile up.
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