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Firstly, i tried to search the topic and did not get any results...

Secondly the reason i want to mix them is because the one type comes in a 4 liter container and I have some left from my previous service and don't want to throw it down the drain , (we in South Africa pay through our ears for this type of oil - something like R400 for 4 liters). I have 1.8 liters of the one and want to add 300ml of the other to do an oil change as the Transalp 700 takes 2.1 liters for a straight oil change.
(sorry I don't know what the amounts is in US qt - you clever Mericans have to work it out yourself)

The viscosity don't really matter as we have very mild temperatures here (15 to 30 deg C) at the moment.

Thanks for the help, will do it tomorrow, without my bike seeing it...
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