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Bike is STILL down, trying to patiently move forward. It's killing me, but have no choice. Gorgeous fall weather in Texas...

A mechanically minded friend came over today, gave a lesson in diagnosing the wiring harness, which we found to be okay (relating to the TPS and temp sensors, which are operating fine). Air temp sensor was also tested using heat-gun, it is working.

His educated guess is that the FUEL PUMP may actually be the issue, specifically the pressure regulator which is at the top of the fuel pump "tower." The hypothesis being that if there is a piece of crud in there that it could be stuck open and is screwing with the fuel pressure, thusly dumping fuel in, creating all the errors. Still don't know why I'm getting an air temp sensor error code...

The pressure regulator looks like it can be removed (but not taken apart as far as I can tell), but is not offered for sale as a separate component. Entire fuel pump assembly is $500. Anyone know of a drop-in compatible regulator?

Need to source the two large o-rings that mate the pump to the gas tanks too, one of them is shredded and KTM wants $47 each!!!! Anyone have a connection on those with specific sizes?


We are going to hook it all back up and do a fuel pressure test with the bike running, but don't know when. I guess I need o-rings and need a few other bits to make that happen.
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