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Originally Posted by KSJEEPER View Post
I've kind of been keeping my eyes peeled for a teardrop hardwall that is light enough for moto-towing. Only seen home-built ones behind bikes though, not sure anything is out there from a manufacturer that is small / light enough. I could really get into the idea of pulling over anywhere and taking a nap with no set up.
I ALMOST went with this little jobber:

When Im riding I like to ride hard and late......and I dont like setup.....I just want to SLEEP and then ride some more. I dont like to spend an hour setting up camp and roasting marshmallows or chatting with the other campers.

This jobber looked about perfect.....but its $2800.

I got my Kwik Kamp used for $1300. It only weighs about 70lbs more.....allows me more storage. Actually it takes about the same time to setup. I timed myself.....alone I can set it up in 1min40sec and be inside it.

......but the main reason was cost. Ive I had more funds Id have one of these for when I was riding by myself. You could pull behind a WalMart and be asleep in 10 mins.....perfect.
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