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Originally Posted by Cal View Post
Follwing along everyday John
I built 2 houses in San Christobal in 2001 with Habitat for Humanity and rode back on my bike in 2010 to visit the families. I was shocked at the change from all the tourists!!! Seems like mini Europe now.

The mortar for laying the cinder block was mixed right on the ground in a small depression, the roofs were cement mixed on the ground and carried up to the roof in 5 gal buckets. A 400sq/ft roof took 6 hours with about 20 workers!
I could only carry up 2,1/2 buckets but the young mexicans carried 2 full buckets up the ladder.

If you feel like laying a few blocks in Guatemala get a hold of Habitat de Humanidad in Xela, they are very well organized, Did 2 houses in San Marcos,San Marcos(departemento) in 2006 and rode back to visit the families in 2011 for a great reunion,very emotional.

I love your report

Hi Cal,

Glad to have you around. Time marches on and places change. I've never been here before. I thought it would be too touristy so skipped coming here in the past. But I must say it was enjoyable walking around the city today and seeing the interesting mix of locals, taller Mexican tourists, and European backpackers mixed in with ex-pat immigrants dressed in eclectic outfits.

I only saw one American for sure who drove up in a Landcruiser with Colorado plates and was wearing Carhartt pants. I would have said hi but haven't spoken English since I saw MikeMike and it felt awkward, so I just ambled on.

I'm all in on the Guatemala habitat for humanity idea. Just not this trip. I'm focused on finally making it to South America. I could definitely see coming down here in the next year or two and doing something useful.

Kindest regards,
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