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Originally Posted by shrubitup View Post
I agree with you but have moved on. Place is dead. Ride elsewhere. You can complain, write letters, do trail work, vote, give money to NMA, etc. etc. - Reiter is dead. Very sickening as it has turned us into helpless, controlled fools who abide by the DNR's creed of Do Not Ride.

The only hope is that the hikers turn to the new opportunity of being eternally stoned and DE-motivated to recreate. Keep their interests urban instead such that they lose concern for a dirt bike in the woods.
Howdy shrubitup,

I haven't ridden at Rieter for over 10 maybe 12 years, I said fuck it as soon as the started to shut it down and deny trails that had there for decades. Like you, now that pot is legal here in the PRoW, I am hoping the seattlites will just sit around and get high and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.
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