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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
So you can remember when a spark plug cost 50 cents. Can you also remember that you made $1.50 per hour?

I've got some sad news for you - an MSRP of $9999 isn't expensive anymore for a large bore 4 cylinder street bike. The list of similarly sized bikes that are priced higher than the CB1100 is much larger than the list of similarly sized bikes that cost less.

Oh, almost forgot to mention the dealer called and said your new KLR is prepped and ready for you to take delivery, complete with the "property of Smith's Dairy" milk crate top case you asked for

I have an XT225 with a dairy crate on it, and love it. I had a KLR650 with a dairy crate on it, but found it too big and heavy for off road, and not comfortable for on road. If this bike really does cost '$9999, then yes I would be interested in it. It would mostly come down to what I could get it out the door for. In my state the sales tax would be $1000. If the dealer tried to tack on a couple thousand more in fees, it would be a no go. Other than that, it would basically come down to, would I be willing to give up my Goldwing for it. I am not a Goldwing fanatic, I bought it (used) as a comfortable long distance touring bike. But I am doing less and less long distance touring due to age and medical issues. Also, while this bike is a beauty, I wonder what it would be like to ride. That seat sure looks thin. Would it be something that you could at least ride a full day on once in a while without major pain?
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