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Nice sunset this evening:

and looking east as storm clouds roll in over the mountains:

I took long walks today, and a siesta and a sunset walk up to this nice park up the way:

It's a nice mix of colonial funk and tourist oriented businesses. Great people watching town. Lots of nice looking folks ambling around. Some looking lost, some looking happy, and the majority of neutral lost in thought folks strolling down the streets.

Lots of local villagers unloading from the collectivo buses this morning with their bundles of goods to sell. The park this morning nearby had been taken over by stalls with various arts and crafts vendors selling jewelry, hand made textiles and tourist trinkets. I think probably women especially would enjoy this town. Although anyone who enjoys craft markets and window shopping would enjoy walking around. Motorcycling minimalists can enjoy watching the window shoppers. I would recommend this place to friends as an interesting place to spend a day or three. And if you prefer the way things used to be in Chiapas there are villages in the mountains in any direction a few miles that are like this town used to be with no tourists and indigenous locals living a simple life.

Some very stylish and beautiful women. I especially enjoyed watching 5 gorgeous women in stilletto heels with one inch lifts and ball gowns try to cross the street and get into a compact car to go to some gala event this evening.

I don't want to turn into a papparazzi scum photographer so I kept my camera in my pocket. You'll just have to imagine 5 slim women with beautifully coifed hair crossing cobblestone streets in stilletto heels with their long flowing gowns tucked in their crotch to stay out of the gutter and holding a hand modestly over their cleavage bulging out of their low cut dresses as they bent over to shoehorn in to a Volkswagen Jetta all while keeping their composure. Not an easy stunt. They pulled it off quite gracefully I thought. Pretty hilarious though.

It's easy to get lost in these larger Latin cities with narrow streets that are all lined with multicolored stucco houses with terra cotta tile roofs. They all look the same. I was fortunate to drive a taxi at night in college and learned to pay attention so I could get back the way I came in to a neighborhood. But setting a waypoint for your hotel and taking your GPS is not a bad idea these days.

Heading to Palenque tomorrow. I spent 250 on this hotel and 121 on food. I thought the jar of peanut butter was 19 pesos but it was 61 upside down. So my big expense today was a 5 dollar small jar of PB. So total of 371 or $29.68.

Buenos noches mi amigos de aventura,
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