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I can ride the Silverwing, and can get my feet on the ground, because the floorboards on it stop before they get back to the point where you would put your feet down. This is not the case with all maxi scooters. I also could not flatfoot the KLR, but it was so light and narrow I would find myself sitting at a stop light rocking it back and forth from the right side to the left, with no fear of dropping it. It just didn't have the bulky feel of the maxi scooters.

As far as going off road with a scooter, there is not a single scooter I would even consider riding on gravel roads. And I have a Zuma 125. But it is not a dirt bike, and has virtually no suspension. Riding it off road would beat both you and it up in no time. As far as riding a 600 pound maxi scooter with little tiny wheels off road, I don't think so. I have an XT225 for off road/dirt road use, and it performs beautifully in that regard.

Having both a Goldwing, a 125cc scooter, and a small displacement dual sport, plus a Kawasaki Vulcan 750, gives me a bike for everything. All of these bikes have their purpose, one thing that they are really good at. But none of them are much good at anything else. All can be used for touring, depending on speed and distance. But only the XT is off road capable.
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