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Well I'd really like to know. When I read the instructions earlier this year, Spring time, I was reinstalling the Dyna Booster that came with my bike many years ago. I had used a Dyna III for a little while, blew it up, and then ran the OEM points for many years. I read the line that said "connect the white wire to the points" and this eliminated the condenser on an Airhead. Also the points have a female connection and the white wire has a male connection so this seemed to fit.

Then when I read the directions that say "leave the condenser hooked up" and I realize that most vehicles are not wired the same way our bikes are. The condenser is connected to the points or the coil but the two don't meet at the condenser. So now I'm really confused.

So please ask your Engineer friend. I wonder? Both will work?

I did learn something from my mishap a couple weeks ago. The Booster died as I was pulling into the Mall for my breakfast. I knew exactly what I had to do to get home that day and so went inside to eat and have two cups of coffee. An hour later I was out side pulling the handlebars and bar backs off so I could get under the tank and move the wires. Next time I wire up a booster I will make it possible to rewire back to OEM with out removing the tank.
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