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The ATV market in the U.S. is huge. it is what keeps many Japanese dealers afloat these days, because the market for overpriced motorcycles is just not there. But most people want name brands, Japanese, Polaris, and Can Am. I bought a new Honda Recon 250ES back in '08 while the dealer was overstocked and was having a fire sale. I had a full sized pickup back then. I'm in AZ, and was able to make a few minor modifications and register it as street legal. But an ATV cannot be ridden on pavement because they have no differential. So I had to load it up and haul it 35 miles to a place where I could ride it, unload it, then load it back up, bring it home, and unload it again. I had to spend money on a loading ramp, tie downs, a large rack for the ATV so I could carry food, water, stuff to fix flats, and extra fuel for all day rides out in the desert. At first I loved it, and tool it out every weekend. But the toll of all the loading and unloading, driving 100 miles in a weekend in a truck that got 10 mpg finally became too much. I wound up selling the quad to a relative at a big loss, then I sold the truck because I could no longer afford to put gas in it. I now ride a Yamaha XT225 with a rack and oversized gas tank. This is a small dual sport motorcycle that can be ridden to a place to ride it off road, and is also great around town transportation.

So ATVs were not for me, but the market is there. But like I said, brand name is a big part of that market. People will buy a Genuine or Kymco scooter, but probably not an ATV. Scooter people tend to know what is what when it comes to scooters, but ATV and dirt bike people will immediately thing "Chinese junk" when they hear a name like Kymco, because they have never heard of it. I mean, KwangYang Motor Company certainly sounds Chinese to someone who doesn't know about it.
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