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Warning: For the sake of your wallet, do NOT sit on this bike.

Okay. I am a person who has always scoffed at the very idea of a Gold Wing, saying things like, "It's a car without a roof", and that sort of thing. I have always been opposed to the idea of a motorcycle as big and heavy as the Gold Wing.

But today at the motorcycle show, I got to see one in the flesh and sit on it. It looks great, and that seat is really extraordinary. The CB1100, with its standard sitting position, is comfortable, but this F6B is comfortable on an entirely different level. It feels like you are sitting on a fine rocket ship waiting for take-off. I would love to ride this bike, but would be afraid to because of the high risk of purchasing one.

I did not want to like it. In fact, I wanted to despise it and make fun of it. But it totally won me over. Honda has really done something radically wonderful here.

P.S. The bags open without a key, and appear big enough to be very useful. Still, they are side-loaders rather than top-loaders, which is going to limit what you can put in there.
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