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If you insist.
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You did not chase me down all the times I went through Thornburg.... Would have been easy, I'm slow. Maybe why you didn't. Anywho.
I lived on Petit Jean until this past March when we moved to Prairie Grove S/W of FYV.

I like to splore but I am new to dirt but old in body. ( 69 ) So I would not be who you are looking for but maybe Nate or a few others who are south of you might be interested. Apostle2 can climb trees with you but most have day jobs and retired fast single tack guys are hard to find in just one area. Arkansas rider knows the west end of the area.

I have a few friends who would let me past some gates into some neat places but you prolly have done them from the back side after all these years.

Good luck and post lots of pictures.
Shouda, woulda, coulda but dint.
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