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Originally Posted by mcma111 View Post
In the small hole on the stator cover you should see the T sideways. The piston will be at TDC. If the cam chain is off it doesn't matter about compression or exhaust stroke. Get the chain on the bottom gear and the top gear like this:

Be sure that the cam lobes are DOWN.

Unless you have removed the stator rotor and installed it 180' out there's no way the piston will be at BDC with the T mark in the hole.
Cheers for that, Steve, It appears to be that sometime in the past, the flywheel has been installed 180' out.
I cannot get the marks to line up with the piston on TDC.

The last guy that was in here didn't own a set of allen keys either, apparently. There are a few allen headed bolts that have been minced by a cold chisel and a lock nut from the tappet adjustment was loose and floating around.
My guess is that it was dropped, and rather than find it, it was just replaced.Luckily, it did no damage while it was loose in there.
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