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You gotta get mean. Public officials all over the world kind of only do what they have to, not what they should. They look at it like they can't possibly address each issue in their world. But also, every public official is a little paranoid about things, not really ever knowing what they should address that will snowball if they don't. So you gotta make a snowball. Or a better analogy is a shitstorm. You get enough shit flinging around, and eventually someone will get tired of it hitting their face and do something.

You write and call all media in the area, ESPECIALLY those who you don't really think can or will do anything. You do the same to ALL law enforcement. Especially those who aren't directly involved. You never know who owes who a dirty deed! You may get help from unexpected places. Beginning to see why you stay anonymous? Shotgun approach. Do the same to all judges, courts, anyone and everyone in the legal system. EVERYONE.

Remember,it's a shitstorm. Don't get hit with your own...

You leave notes in the mailboxes and on the gates of the people closing the roads. Keep copies of who and what you write, update the dates every 2-3 months, and shotgun it all again. Be prepared for several years of attack. It's easy once you do the initial legwork to find the addresses and contact info.

Continue to try and think of ANYONE who may be affected by the closed roads, and send them info, ask for help.

Be patient. Prepare to wait a year or so. No results? Go higher with the officials. Start with the Governor, and work your way down, or if you like your state representative, start there if you want to give them a chance first, out of courtesy.

Contnue to stay anonymous. Repeat the letters every 2-3 months so they ALL know you ain't quitting! If no results, lie, and say someone anonymously contacted you about this issue, try to get others who may be affected by the illegal road closure to help. You can continue to use the anonymous route, and you have now quietly doubled your efforts. There is you, the friendly concerned citizen quitely and politely addressing the issue like a good citizen, and somewhere out there is that other a-hole throwing defecation into every circular rotating device. Good cop-bad cop, and YOU get to have ALL of the fun!

If there are any federal officials, use them. Ask law enforcement and all other legal officials why it is that the people closing the roads feel that need? What are they trying to hide behind those illegally closed gates? Drugs? Prostitution? Survivalists with a cache of bombs and illegal guns? (In Ar. or Tx, this one may not work, they may get a friendly pat on the back. We kinda like anarchists, as long as they are good ol boys. Cali-Pornia-Fornication, the communist state of California, they'll bite)!

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, ADMIT TO ANYONE THAT YOU WERE THE ANONYMOUS FUNLOVING GOOD AND BAD COP! People have long memories when they think they have been wronged or used. Even if you know you had good reason for what you did and did right. It's much more fun to take credit for all the havoc you raised, but just remember how mean and nasty you were? THEY might just be as tenacious and nasty, or even worse. "Loose Lips Sink Ships". And also give Adv. bikers flat tires. Or sugar in your gas tank.
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