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Originally Posted by bwringer View Post
Also, we seem to be discussing a couple of different things. Ratcheting wrenches are NOT a substitute for combination wrenches -- whatever their pedigree, the ratcheting mechanisms can't withstand nearly the same force.

The solution, of course, is to buy both...
have had no problems with generating enough torque with ratcheting wrenches. but when space is really tight... a normal Snap-on box end will fit, but a ratchet box end is too big.

when you have plenty of room, especially with long rusted threads. ratcheting wrenches sure are handy.

got both Blue Point and Snap-on ratcheting wrenches. both work equally well .. Snap-on version has a slightly nicer finish. when buying primarily used, like me... it's really luck of the draw on what comes up for sale.

yes .. you need both... ratcheting wrenches are NOT a replacement for standard box end wrenches.
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