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Will it buff out?
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For sure!!!...really need to watch out when riding....

Once on the boat fill out an entry form with your details..for where you're going just write Hotel Fès Fès,then go directly to passport control where they stamp your passport with a number. This number is then noted on the computers in the port on exit. Basically it's your registration number for having been to Morocco.

We arrive into Tanger Med Port in heavy rain after about a 2 hr crossing.

Fill out another form to import your moto where you'll get it from customs.I filled my forms and since I already have a serial number on my passport I was allowed to go straight through but the new dudes that hadn't been before had to wait longer with customs and police whilst they were registered on the system.

By the by,the copy they leave you with should not be lost...this allows you to bring out your moto when you're finished visiting.

Also,it's not required to have your driving licence registered to the home address that is listed on your moto no need to worry about that.

We get food in the new terminal and at the same time we see two Polish riders each on Honda Transalps.



After about 2 hours we left Tanger Med bound for an hotel I know in Asilah. It's still raining and another fuel stop is needed. I fill with 10.65litres after 174.2kms and with a cost of 129.93Dirhams (12.24Dhms/Liter)

The motos are parked up outside the hotel where a guardian watches them overnight for a few Euros.


We had a beer and bedded down thereafter.

Next morning we awake to find the rain had ceased...great!!


I fill up again with petrol at Asilah..... 328.1kms with 17.22litres and costing 213Dhms (12.37Dhms/Litr).

The room was 840Dhms (divided by 4 therefore equalled 200Dhms each...($23))

We head for Marrakech.
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