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righto ... the new (to me) DR has a crack in the subframe ... just below the passenger footpeg. The bike's clearly taken a hit there and the member is a little bent up and in. Net result is that the front pipe mount isn't where it should be and the bum end of the header rubs aainst the shock spring. I need to find someone who can bend it back into shape and weld it up - or I suppose I could cut it and reshape it prior to getting someone t weld it back together.

So: recommendations for someone in Adelaide (I'm just north of North Adelaide) who does this kind of work?

Bit of a bummer - it's been welded, but not completely fixed - don't reckon th previous owner even realised the extent of the damage :( Airbox mounting tabs are busted too - I'm quite handy with epoxy and scrap bits of plastic though :

Give Snow Ardill Engineering a call. Motorcycle frame straightener marion road
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