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Originally Posted by Drunk_Uncle View Post
I have been told that excessive chain lube is the culprit for reduced pad life, especially on the single sided swing arms like my Sprint ST 1050. I will put up with the reduced pad life for a well lubed chain. I have been happy with my 06 Tiger and 06 Sprint. Wife has told me I should sell my XR650L and buy a Tiger 800XC. I have a very smart wife.
My rear stock pads bit it in < 10,000 km (not miles). At the time I also complained of darkened brake fluid in the rear master cylinder. There's a few things I attribute it to... The stock pads are frankly not that good; they run hot and also seem to have an annoying low-speed chatter. Secondly the amount of low-speed rear-wheel braking situations you get into (lane splitting, commuting in traffic mostly) and third just the junk getting in there and clagging up the caliper -- probably the least of the worries as it affects us all I reckon.

My second set of rears were EBC non-stockers and they went for about 23000 kms. I let them get pretty low but nothing extreme or metal.. I put the third set in, stockers again, and took a couple days in the dirt and there comes that chatter again and I'm not sure but the rear brake fluid is darker too -- I didn't notice it at the change though, maybe it's a 30k interval thing.

So my long winded recommendation is to ditch the stockers, keep the caliper clean and be aware when you might be dragging it a bit at very low speeds... front works then too.

ok I'll go back into my box for a bit now.
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