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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
Yeah, when used poorly they roam around and die early as a scout.

It has the barrel from the 13 90 as it's top gun... and that can pen tier tens. Used well, they are very capable at taking on tier 8's.

The small AMX line, with their top guns, should very rarely, if ever, be considered a scout tank for any tier battle. I just got done killing 3 damaged tanks in my 12t, two of them tier 7's. Likewise, I've seen ELC's own tier 6's.
I invoked this theory last night in a Malinovka Encounter battle, and got publicly flayed for "oh look, another ELC driver who thinks he's a sniper! Go scout for us, dumbass!!"

3 kills and a ton of silver proved your point, though, and it changes the way I'm going to use the thing. I was addicted to the speed, and thought it made me a better scout, but that's never quite worked out the way I wanted it to. Need to swap the coated optics for binocs, I think, so I get better range tucked under a shrub than "running vision".
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