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Knowing that my parts will be here in a couple of days I can relax. I take off on foot to explore the city.

I head south to one of SR's recommended sights.

The GPS shows it only being about 12 miles, but it doesn't have routing abilities with these maps, so that's as the bird flies. Several side streets later the blisters start to make their appearance on my feet. My only spare pair of shoes are my sandals, this may have been a mistake, but I can see the sign coming up.

I go in the direction indicated for a mile and find a farmer who tells me "no, it's back the other way".
So I head back, go through town.

I exit the other end of town when one of the blisters pops, my sandal fills up with the water from the blister and mixes with the dust that the road is covered in, to make a not so comfortable mud in my sandal. I reach what I thought was the destination.

I don't get the feeling that this is the tourist attraction, so maybe I didn't go far enough. I've come this far, what's a little more.

I reach the next small housing community and walk around a bit before retracing my steps back.
I spot a cab and flag him down. I'm informed that this is an old cab and is not in service, he bought it from the cab company, but still offers me a ride. I decline when he asks if I'm Americano. I just got uneasy feeling about this. He's persistent, I start to walk away and he follows me, trying to get me in the car. I put on my big boy face, puff out my chest and try not to show that I'm not hurting, but he can see through me. I'm still not going to accept this ride. Eventually he does turn around and leaves. I'm sure he was trying to be a nice guy, but I just didn't get a good feeling about this.
A mile down the road I flagged down a cab that was in service tried to tell him where I needed to go but then got a great idea. I showed him on the GPS where the hotel was, that was easy. 30 minutes later, I get dropped off just before sun down.
I should have done this in the first place, the cab fare was cheap.
Live and learn.
Back in the room I do my laundry in the sink with a bar of soap and hang out to dry.

The next morning I get an e-mail to head over to SR's house to install my parts.

I look at him and say, "You don't look Hispanic".
He laughs and says, "That's because I'm from Colorado".
So I get the story of how he came to live in Durango and installed the parts with the help of his tools and locktite.

He offers to take me around town, meet some friends of his, and get some real Mexican food.

He takes me to a large outdoor community place where Sunday brunch is put together.
It's a large awning over groups of tables. They boil the carnitas in cut down 55 gallon drums.

The fat gets boiled down and the meat gets it's flavor, mmm very good.
Chili's on a large hot plate.

I try paying with with some expired Mexican pesos. I didn't know that money expires, but nonetheless I pay with a more current bill.

We then go to see what I missed yesterday.
I walked right by it.
La Ferreria. An old iron ore smelting plant.


The place is well kept and beautiful.

A crematory, because in Mexico, I'm told, that's what they do. Put things in places that have no reason of being there.

Soon enough I'm tired and my new friend is beat from his overnight flight and we bid are farewells. He drops me off at the hotel. My plan is to go out tonight and see that Cathedral lit up.

I check to see if I have anymore of that expired money, sure enough, my bank in the US set me up.
The bills date back to 1985, this is roughly around $150 that I can't use. I'll be seeing my bank when I get back.

I fall asleep and my feet are still killing me. I don't make it out tonight.

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