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Cool video Tinos, it even has my bike's twin in there! Complete with the right color Bagster and everything. Not sure why that guy was getting naked for at the end though

My bike came with wider and straighter off-road handle bars Gateman. Luckily, because I really dislike the angle of the original handle bars on the TDM. I'm a fairly small bloke so I raised the handle bars slightly and made them come a little backwards too which made the riding position extremely comfortable for me. I've been having some back problems the last few years, but somehow that never bothers me when riding. I get sore and tired when driving a cage much quicker strange enough.

But I should probably tighten up the front end first before playing with anything else. I have a 2003 with just over 30.000km on it now and it still has the original factory oil in the the front end, meaning it has never been changed. It's a bit spongy up there right now. I want to upgrade to Hyperpro springs but I just got new tires, chain and sprockets, break-pads, fresh fluids, filters and Iridium spark plugs, I gotta spread things out a little for budgetary reasons unfortunately.
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