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Hey guys! My name is Stefan and I've been a "rider" in papers for 3 years now (when I got my license). Due to the recession and a nasty car accident I wasn't able to buy a bike ever since, but the time has come... I'm kind of a "Captain Slow", as my friends call me so i don't like fast bikes :) I live in the capital city and it's very crowded but my grandparents live in the countryside (~100km), I enjoy the hills and the forest witch surrounds the village so i think a enduro - touring will suite me nice. I found this thread 2 weeks ago after i saw a DR750s for sale. I searched the forum for any useful info about this model and today I went and bought it. My first trip was ~130 km on the highway with no equipment except jacket, helmet and some summer gloves at 6 degrees Celsius (43 Fahrenheit)... Thanks god for my friend (spare driver) who I switched (car-bike) every 40km or so...

The bike has 60k km on board but the engine was remade 1500 km ago and the brake pads, chain and sprockets are also new.
Some defects:
the heated hand grips don't work
the turning signals don't work
the clutch sensor (that little button) doesn't work
it has no mirrors
it has no hand guards
but overall I'm very pleased... The bike was 750 Euro witch i think was a fair price

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