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Originally Posted by Stobie View Post
Oh yeah, I meant to way that my cylinder bore looked like that, too, at more than twice or maybe three times the hours. The out-of-roundness and taper were both less than 0.0005" (professionally measured by an engine machinist neighbor). I deglazed it with a dingleberry brush, and put it back together. Probably only 10 hours onthe rebuild so far, but so far so good.
Im told by mechanics that a very quick pass with a diamond hone is the only thing to do with a sprayed/chrome bore. Nothing else will touch its ultra hard surface.
Anything more then 1 fast pass with a diamond hone will remove too much material.
Luckily my 2011 530 uses no oil. I know KTM has changed ring/piston design since 08 and and the 2011 is supposed to hold up well. Im hoping so. Its a fun bike!
Some bikes around at times
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