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I seriously doubt SYM made my 1981 Honda Passport. It was a very solid bike. Such things as the swing arm, the chain case, the axle adjusters, and numerous other parts were much more robust than what is on the Symba. I'm pretty sure that even the frame itself was a lot heavier and stronger. The plastic leg shield was definitely heavier. And it had a full length seat stock.

I looked over a Symba pretty good at a local dealer, I was seriously considering buying one after reading a loooooong ride report about a couple who rode them across the U.S. and Africa. When the Symba first came out it had a weight capacity of 200 pounds. I weigh 220, so that wouldn't work. Then they changed importers, and the weight limit went up to 300 pounds, with no known changes to the bike. Somehow, the bike just did not feel solid like my old Passport. I love its looks, I've always been a Cub fan, Honda, Piper, and Chicago. I still might get one, I haven't absolutely ruled it out. I would definitely have to have the long seat, I'm 6' with a 34" inseam, and I did not fit on the 2 piece seat. Actually I fit right in the middle of it, where the bar was.

Another problem is, I already have 3 scooters which will match it's performance, a Zuma 125, a Vino 125, and a Genuine Stella 2 stroke. The Stella's quality leaves something to be desired, but it is definitely not flimsy, it is built like a tank, and weighs almost as much. If I could sell the Vino, I might go for the Symba.
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