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I don't own an iPhone, I have a $20 Kyrocera with service from Virgin Mobile. Yes the phone is Chinese Junk, but for $20 I don't care, I usually destroy a couple of them a year anyway. But I have also had experience with a Chinese motorcycle. It was an American Lifan LF200GY-6 dual sport. It was cheap and cheesy (but only cost $1400 delivered to my door) and it lasted over 7,000 miles, till the nut holding the centrifugal oil filter on came loose and destroyed the engine.

I had a KLR made in Thailand, and I currently have 2 Yamaha scooters made in Taiwan. But an entire motorcycle made in China does not sound good to me. I have not written it off, I found out yesterday that a local dealer has one in stock, and I am going to go look at it sometime next week. I should be able to tell a lot about the quality just by looking at the overall fit and finish. I've dealt with enough Chinese scooters to know what to look for, and what I should not find.

Suzuki is having some rough times in the U.S. right now, and giving up the automotive market. I blame the DOT and EPA 100% for that. I used to own an '88 Suzuki Samurai, it was one of the most fun vehicles I've ever owned. It had over 100,000 miles on it when I bought it, and I ran it up over 200,000 before the engine started going out. Sold it to a guy in a non emissions county who was going to stuff a V6 into it.

I'm still hoping this turns out to be a decent motorcycle. It looks so much better than the Ninja and CBR. I like the TU250, but won't buy it simply because Suzuki didn't put a centerstand on it, or even make it an option. The GW does not need a centerstand because it has tubeless tires.
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