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Originally Posted by rc51owner View Post
Your explaination about the cost of sending a few bolts to Canada seem incredulous. But I guess it is what it is...


In our hard bolt kit there are 8 each M8 bolts, nuts, spacers, and 16 fender washers. Customs forms are also required. It all adds up. If you order it with a set of cases and mounts we can put it all in one box and reduce overall shipping costs. Or, we can ship it UPS instead of USPS Priority and it will cost a small fortune and probably not make it. USPS Priority is the least cost and most reliable shipping method to Canada. I suggest you ask around and get a second opinion. I think you will find we are spot on correct.

We've never tried putting a set of our top loading cases on Motech racks as you describe, so I cannot say for certain it will work or that it will hold up. Our front cleat bracket is designed to grab the round tube of an HB rack, so I don't think it will work with the Motech rack. We recommend HB racks for the top loaders because they are very strong and proven, and I would not use any other rack for these cases.

Thank you.

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