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Originally Posted by Old Git Ray View Post
Right then all you yanks, eyes down and look in, it's time to help some crusty old Bits out.

Mr & MRS (i.e. no 'broke back' malarky) Old Git are coming to America next year. We intend to arrive at New York mid April and exit via Mexico to South America around mid September.

As all daft Brits do, we are visiting Prudhoe Bay and I am asking what would be the earliest that 2 oldies could cope with the Dalton, bearing in mind that we will already have traversed the Northern US ?? I just do not want to get there only to find that the snow is still down or so cold that us oldies will die of hypothermia.

I do appreciate that timings are subject to weather fluctuations, I just want some idea if it is feasible.

And yes Pluric, Salt Lake is on the list ! We just do not know when.

Answers on a post card marked "FAO Santa Clause" please.

I need some rolling time so I can post some decent piccys on this thread.

I went in July, you can read it on my blog but I haven't finished blogging the trip, I'm only up to day 12 and haven't reached Alaska yet.
Didn't encounter any snow, just rain and mud but you already know about that

The entire trip so far can be found on this link:

I will be finished with the blog before you come over, put it on your favorites
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