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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Im told by mechanics that a very quick pass with a diamond hone is the only thing to do with a sprayed/chrome bore. Nothing else will touch its ultra hard surface.
Anything more then 1 fast pass with a diamond hone will remove too much material.
Luckily my 2011 530 uses no oil. I know KTM has changed ring/piston design since 08 and and the 2011 is supposed to hold up well. Im hoping so. Its a fun bike!
Yep, a diamond hone is necessary for finish sizing. I went with the recommendations of those who know more about it than I do. The brush cleaned up the bore without removing a measurable amount of material. Probably took some material off the brush, though. Rings seated very quickly, and the bike is very noticeably stronger-running.

I like my 530 a lot. It's a much better bike than I am a rider, but it's still not hard to ride. I had been out of the woods for 30 years, and was a little worried that the 530 might be too much; but I'm a big boy, and I also thought that something less powerful, although easier to ride, might get old as my "legs" came back. It turns out to be a really versatile, user-friendly bike that I'll never outgrow.

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