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Ok - so Ali was cold .. he wanted to warm up. I figured some wine might warm him up, and on the way we found a great hiding spot. So we went to a nearby WINERY ... not far from the grab location ... and after we got some wine, we went ahead and doubled back a bit to the hiding spot Ali said it was PARADISE.

This hiding spot is off of 645 on a road whose three digits add up to 12., on Flickr">IMG_0018

(google maps doesn't list the 3 digit code of this road - so here's another clue - Socrates might not like the name of the park that this road leads to).

As soon as you turn onto the road whose three digits add up to 12 from 645, look for the following location on the right... its about 1/4 mile., on Flickr">IMG_0014

The gate should remain open and unlocked as I've never seen it locked. Ali is tucked away by the front left leg of the tower in the above pic.

Here:, on Flickr">IMG_0011, on Flickr">IMG_0012

Enjoy... great area to ride as there are plenty of twisty roads around the area.
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