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Originally Posted by High Hope View Post
I sold my '02 1150 GS Adv several years ago following a skiing accident that destroyed my left leg. Man, I'm missing it!

The Honda NC700x with auto dual clutch looks like an appealing way to get back into riding, and I've been doing some surfing to learn more. Low CG, auto, and Honda reliability/value are all pluses. Limited dirt road capability are minuses, esp in slippery New England, though I likely won't be doing any single-track or tough stuff.

Q: The gripe about 17" f/r tires. It looks like you can get TKCs in stock size 120/70-17 for the front. In back the closest options to replace the 160/60-17 are either a 150/70-17 (too narrow?) or 180/55-17 (too wide, will it fit?) Does anyone have ideas about these fitments, or other good on/off tire suggestions?

Q: I'm 6'-1", 225. Will the bike cramp my style? In a perfect world I'd probably look at lower pegs and better shocks (my BMW had Ohlins and I loved them.) Any experience with these types of mods?
Know nothing about the Honda but do know you're missed around the campfire, Chris.

Glad to see you're exploring options.

Whatever it takes to get you back on a bike and to the campouts.

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