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So Wednesday last week I had another event where I "departed flight". 0300-ish I'm hauling ass on my normal morning commute. Doing around 70mph indicated in the middle lane of I95N heading to work in Arlington VA. I start to get the loose rear end feeling and by the time I realize what it is I'm starting to fishtail. I close the throttle and start to drift left into the left lane and shoulder as there were tractor trailers in the right lane. I just entered the shoulder and tapped the brakes to bleed of more speed when the rear end made one more huge cycle to the right and then the left when she promptly went down. It happened so quick. I remember thinking oh shit, and then thinking I got to get to the shoulder and slow down. At some point I was laying over the bike as it was sliding and when all motion stopped the bike was about 10-15 feet infront of me in the shoulder on it's left side still running. I crawled to the jersey barrier and pulled myself up to gather my wits. Walked over to the bike and sut her down. Pulled her to the middle of the shoulder and tossed her up on the center stand. I was amazed that I seemed unscathed. Traffic is still hauling ass by at speed. I dig out my phone and then spend a few frustrating minutes dealing with Progressive. Nobody stopped to help but someone thought it was dramatic enough to call the calvary. Fire engine, ambulance, and two state trooper cruisers show up. First cruiser on the scene promptly gets a flat and has to get a service truck out. I tell EMS I'm fine, sign and they depart. Progressive cant confirm my policy so Trooper gets me a tow truck in a few minutes. Now I'm starting to limp a bit. Bike gets loaded on a flat bed and we head home. Left foot is throbbing and hurts like the dickens. Get home and get bike in the garage. Take off my gear and notice that I'm leaving little bloody footprints on the floor. Head to Stafford Hospital ER and they confirm open fracture of the great toe. Antibiotics and narcotics and crutches and I'm home for a few days. Only injury beside the toe is a small mark on the top of my wrist. I'm guessing I hit the bark buster sometime during my "launch". I always ride maximum ATGATT and had extra layers on due to the 30 degree weather that morning. Obviously I got a flat rear tire. Brand new tires front and rear I mounted last week. Test ride around the hood and checked the pressure over several days before this commute in. I have successfully mounted tires in the past. I suspected some sort of catastrophic failure due to road debris. Especially since the first trooper on the scene also got a flat. Cursory examination of the tire shows nothing that I can see. I'll have to pull the wheel to be sure though.

Here are the pics.

Seems that this ER shot should have a toe tag dangling. Huge antibiuotic shot in the thigh also hurt like hell. I had the curtesy of almost ripping the toe nail off so they didn't need to drill to relieve the pressure.

Broke the big toe bone at both ends. Typical compression type fracture according to ER doc. Saw orthopedic surgeon two days later and he reconfirmed everything the ER doc said. Nothing to do but buddy tape it and wear the boot.

The culprit. This is my 2003 KLR 650 that is my dedicated commuter bike.

Front of AFX-37 Helmet. Chin vent gone.

Sun visor cracked. Scala Rider stayed attached.

Right side of Bilt Jacket took some rash at the lower pocker area and elbow down to a little bit of the armor.

Had on Gerbing electric gloves. Not a mark on them. I think my Hippo Hands kept my hands in the brush guards for the worst of the slide.
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