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Originally Posted by strikemaster View Post
PS: Can I 'filter' in the state of CA or will I get arrested for using a motorbike to beat the traffic? How do the highway patrol treat motorcylists? Have never rented a bike in the USA.
If by "filter" you mean split lanes (what we yanks call it), then yes, California is about one of the only states where you can do it. However, if you do it in an unsafe manner, they'll pull you over for that, so just be cool and you'll be fine.

CHP are pretty cool with motorcyclists, at least in the Bay Area. You certainly won't get an undeserved hard time, if that's what you're wondering. That said, I think a young guy flying down the highway on a rice burner and flip-flops might stir the ire in an officer more than an old guy like me in full armor and chilling.
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