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new sherpa rider

hello to all, new to trials and new to vintage. just bought an excellent condition 73 bultaco sherpa t 350. if i am right, it is a model 92. it has 300 miles on the odo, and i have no reason to believe that is not true, judging by the condition. looking at as many google images as i can, i think the only non original parts are the tires. mine has a spanish made pirelli rear and a Firestone knobby front. on the recommendation of b & j, i have vee rubber trials tires on the way. i got the bike with the original mso. so far, I've used caswell to line the tank, replaced the spark plug and air filter, changed both oils and am running vp non ethanol race gas with golden spectro premix. starts much easier than last week when i picked it up. i need to wire in a kill switch. anyone know which wire to interrupt? i thank you all in advance, as i'm sure this will be the first of many questions. hope to enter my first trial on the sherpa as soon as possible so i can see just how little riding skill i really have! hope i can post pics
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