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Final thoughts

The whole class was great and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I believe Garrett did some research and a repeat offender gets a nice discount. As a result, I may join you in the spring

When I go back I will rent their gear. My street gear did a nice job of protecting me from the myriad of spills but it wasn't designed for the hot conditions that we went through. I know it was only 70 as a high but it was brutal and you work your ass off the entire time.

I was pretty sore on Sunday and Monday from achy muscles. My shoulders were killing me from having to keep my elbows up. The only lingering effect I have is a loss of feeling in my right thumb. I'm not sure what I did but I have partial feeling and it's been a week!

Here's some tips:

Tip 1: drink a lot of water!
Tip 2: drink even more water than you think necessary!
Tip 3: if staying with Gastone bring a plunger
Tip 4: get a mx helmet and goggles - it is muddy, dirty, and dusty
Tip 5: knee pads are a must! You'll be on them so much even the Pope will think you're catholic.
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