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So from Coco's Corner we had to make a decision on which way to go. Our choices were to follow the Baja course or to head out to the Highway. Either way we needed to end up in the Bay of Los Angeles.

Tom had told us earlier that the Baja course was a little more "rugged" than what we had already gone through. In addition he was becoming concerned that he would not make it through to the Bay of L.A. during daylight hours.

Since I knew that if Tom was worried about finishing up in daylight that there was no way that I was going to make it I decided to puss out and head for the highway. Sean chose to accompany me and Jon was coming with us in the truck.

Coco assured us that it was only 20km to pavement but that some portions of the trail were a bit rocky. He was right but I'm evidently better in the rocks than I am in the sand.

We hit the pavement and upped the speed only to have our attention diverted to some strange trees on the side of the road.

They looked a lot like Ocotillo but had only the single stalk.

Sean and I pulled over for a closer look.

They really do look like an Ocotillo crossed with some sort of tree.

Here's a picture of an ocotillo for reference:

And one last picture of what we dubbed "Dr. Seuss Trees" with Sean in it for scale.

They really do look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

But daylight was burning and we needed to get on to the Bay of L.A.

We had been unable to secure lodging for tonight prior to coming down so we had all packed our sleeping bags with the plan being to just sleep on the beach. Secretly I had no desire to sleep on the beach and I believe that everyone else sort of felt the same way so our mission was to find a hotel that could take all 6 of us.

Fortunately luck was with us and we found a hotel that had 3 rooms available!

Unfortunately we had made no plan on how to meet back up with the three who had decided to take the Baja course. The sun was down so we counted on them riding down the main drag so we took turns standing out by the street waiting for them to come by so we could flag them down.

Eventually everyone met up.

Tom immediately took off his pants and offered us candy. I'm not really sure what to think about that.

While I was waiting out by the street a car pulled up and a little kid jumped out, ran up to me and shouted something unintelligible to me. I gave him my best "Buenas Noches" and he looked at me in disgust and ran over to the race team who was also sharing our hotel. It wasn't until I saw him running back to the car clutching stacks of stickers that I realized that he had spoken to me in English and what he had said was, "gimme stickers!".

Evidently stickers are like currency when the racers are in town.
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