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Oh Hai!

So, yesterday I was too busy to post.
Was I working? nope.

Riding? nah.

Doing some important adult-type things like paying bills, cleaning, or preparing for the holidays? hell no.

I was making Mameshiba!

This little dog bean is going to be winging his way across the country to live with his new friend in NY.

Hope you like him, Landon!

Originally Posted by Alleycatdad View Post
You guys just rock.

Thanks, Alleycatdad!
Itís not us, itís the trail that rocks!

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
No, I don't think I've been there. I seem to gravitate to the High Rock area when I'm up there.

I like the no dab video...gigglers. (puter is fixed, I haz video now.)
Hi Rob!
Yay, you haz video! About frickiní time.

Hmmm. Weíll have to check out this High Rock that you speak of...

Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
Cranes Mtn, my kinda stuff.
Hey redog - well, I guess the voice of reason is still broken...
Make rocks your favorite!

Day 52: 8/12/12 continued
Christmas Valley, OR to Ram Horn Campground, CA 306 miles

Itís weird that Crane Mountain looks easy in photos/video.
Because itís not. At all.

Actually, this was some of the most dangerous riding we did all summer.
More challenging than Black Dragon Wash.
More technical than Lockhart Basin.
More difficult than anything we did in BC.

And itís not just a short section. This stuff went on and on.

The turns are tight and there are rocks and trees to hit everywhere.
Youíll notice Matt was going a lot slower than usual.
Because you just can't go fast. Not fully loaded.
itís a tough trail for big bikes.

As far as leg-breaking potential goes, Crane Mtn is right up there with Porcupine Rim.

We stopped here after my foot got whacked on a rock.
I messed up Mattís ďno dabsĒ game.
Sorry, Big Wanimal...

Sometimes the trail would open up for a bit...

Then it was back to rocks and trees.

Oh, this snow photo was taken around that part of the trail (see above )

This little pile of rocks doesnít look like much,
but Matt came close to breaking his leg here.
As we were riding over them, one of the rocks kicked up and knocked his right foot off the peg.
His foot got sucked behind the bike, under the sidebag, just as we started to fall to the right...

If we had fallen over, his twisted right leg would have landed on that rock down there,
with all of our weight on top of it.

Luckily, Matt goosed the throttle and the bike surged ahead.
he was able to get his foot back on the peg - disaster averted!
It was pretty scary, though.
So close.

The trail was beautiful.

And different.

But, so much work on a big bike, 2up.

I have a little video (including the "Ow, my foot!" portions )
When Matt stops and says, "That was nasty..."
he was really thinking, Mother brother! That was close!
(right about 1:07)

HD for the rocks, of course.

There's a lot of talking on this video, and sometimes it's hard to understand.

At one point we're laughing really hard (around 1:20).
Earlier in the video, Matt says "What the hell were we thinking, coming up here in the snow??"
and at 1:20,
I say, "What the hell were we thinking, coming up here without the snow??"

At least the snow made everything look friendlier and softer.
The trail was so much pokier with all the rocks exposed...

(Oh well. I guess you had to be there)

Hey, I know these rocks!

We stopped here last time, to check out the snow ahead.

Thereís a marker on this tree, too.
We saw them nailed to various trees along the trail.

This next bit doesnít look like much either (what is it with this trail and the GoPro?? )
But it was a mess in 2010.

The bike was overheating here in 2010 and we had thought we were going to have to turn around.
It was slick and muddy and nasty.
Hmmm. Even this photo from 2010 doesnít look bad.
Well, it was.

Matt said the trail would have been easy on his XR650R, but the schoolbus is a handful.
Not that we would have done anything different - I was happy we made it back to Crane Mtn.
We had a lot of fun, and we were glad to ride something challenging...

It just kind of sucks that we need riskier and riskier rides in order to get our jollies.
When we stopped to think about all the "what ifs," we got kind of freaked out.
A broken leg here would have been a lousy way to end a great trip.

Stupid is as stupid does.

But, nevermind that...
We need to get more people up here, to document their rides!
So, you Oregon guys - go up to Crane Mountain and check it out...
Take a friend and a SPOT...

We were done with the rocks now, and onto to the trees.

Again, probably fine on something smaller, but a tight fit for the 990!

Matt thought this was probably more of a quad trail.
Last time, the only tracks we saw were from a quad.

I'll bet they do pretty well with those rocky sections, too.
A lot of the trail is more about picking your way through stuff, not blasting along...
So many things to hit!

Now we were in the sage brush.
OK - there's a little bit of blasting along, here and there...

We stopped at the top and checked out the views.
It was a nice place for some water and a break.

Happy to have all limbs intact!

Looking back the way we came.

Oh, I have a pic of that from last time...

Driver and schoolbus.

Back on the trail...

We still had a long way to go...

More Crane Mtn coming up - the next section is all about trees (and not hitting them)...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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