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Originally Posted by swingset View Post
Every time I look at this Austrian whore funny, she dons a strap-on and gives it to me.

While in the garage, noticed that the CS sprocket is leaking. Cha ching. So, let's get to that leaking water pump seal I just replaced. Oh, lookee there, didn't notice how bad the shaft is grooved so no way to fix that unless I replace the entire cam. Cha ching. Let's see about the decompression lever that felt spongy down at Wayne. Oh, the cable's separating. Cha ching. Well hell, let's just clean the chain. of the chain rollers is gone, exposing a sprocket-eating pin. Cha ching.

BTW, terrible design on the EXC water pump seals, and the water pump placement in wonder the thread about them is 20 pages long on KTMtalk.

So, yeah you WRR owners you got me today. The pumpkin is lighter, faster, suspended better and will not be running for a while.

What's that old saying, ' Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?'
That old TTR ran pretty cheap, didn't it?
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