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I was watching "Faster" last night and noted a phrase in the movie, "GP bikes will brake at 2.5 G." That seems unrealistic to me? Anybody know of any telemetry to support that? And I noted the rear wheel being carried off pavement for a long way during high speed braking. Whoever posted that one could threshold trail brake while being leaned over and carrying the rear to about 20 degrees off verticle seems to be correct. The movie supported that in a cuppla places. Not that every rider was doing that on every corner. But it happened often enough that it seems to be no problemo for the Aliens. Natchurlly, street riders are not going to make a habit of that. Nor do you see much of that on IOM-type vids. There were other marvels in the film only brought out by the super, high def, super slo-mo parts.

For racers on 30psi tires, one would think that the slo-mo heavy braking would show a much more flattened and squirmy front contact patch?

Also, there was a part talking about crash rates for the Aliens compared to me and my fellow mere mortal track day riders. No surprise there. But it is disheartening to be so clearly reminded that I have no comparative riding talent.
"beware the grease mud. for therein lies the skid demon."-memory from an old Honda safety pamphlet
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