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Suspension Travel?

So I've been going back over specs for several bikes, including many KTM's and Husky's.

I show the suspension travel for the Nuda/R at 210mm / 180 mm (8.3" f / 7.1" r). If I have the correct numbers:
  • that's as much as most heavy adv bikes, which are in the 7-9" range;
  • almost 1" more in front than the TR650 Terra / Strada (7.5")
  • almost equal to the 8.6" front on an F650 Dakar: and
  • 2" more in front than a KTM SM-T.
Most of the reviews I've read describe great on-road handling. How is this suspension on rough asphalt (cracks & potholes) and fast gravel, dirt, and fireroads?

At present, the point is moot for me here in the USA, but I hope 1) to learn more about Huskys designs in general (for bikes designed after the BMW purchase); and 2) that some version of this bike will make it to the USA as our economy recovers (ever so slowly).
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