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Originally Posted by BigOhio View Post
Now come on, countershaft seal is cheap and look into the Synergy Seals version. Chain is a normal wear item and as far as the cam and cable, how many hard miles is on that old girl.
The seal is relatively cheap, but it's a crap design and the 20 page thread on KTMtalk with hundreds of people having the same issue details why...the seals wear too quickly into the cam shaft and from that point on you're applying a band aid that doesn't last. Some guys get very little miles before the cam shaft is worn. The cam is going to have to come out, which is a $170 part + the seal kit.

A better coating might have prevented this from being a recurring issue, or a sleeved design that could be re-fit without removing the cam. I don't know how many miles are on the bike, so that's a legitimate point it might be long past due on the cam, but from what I've read they can wear the groove prematurely.

There are bikes whose WP design is such that shaft replacement is almost unheard of, with the EXC's it's a problem. It's not an indictment of anyone's bike, but it's a weakness and I'm experiencing it.

As for the chain, rollers falling off isn't normal wear IMHO, unless the chain is old and this one appears to be fairly new.

I'm not cheesed that stuff goes wrong, I knew it would and like I said for its age that's fine...stuff happens, it just happens more often on KTM's. If there are statistical outliers that ride 25,000 miles without problems, that's great but they're not the norm...KTM's are fussier than Yamahas. I'm fine knowing that.
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