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Originally Posted by jgas View Post
I ride a DRZ 400 with a big tank, live in Thornburg Ar., eastern edge of the Ouachitas, about 30 miles NW of Little Rock on Hwy 10. Or, 30 miles south of Morrilton, 7 miles south of Perryville. I can see the eastern boundary of the Ouachita Nat Forest from my front yard. I've been riding the eastern end of this area for many years, now want to explore it all the way to Talimena. I am a former Enduro rider, and prefer the "harder" side of Dual Sport, or I suppose the really hard side of Adventure riding. I don't care about going crazy fast, but I also don't want to stay on wide easy dirt roads all the time. I prefer to keep off of pavement most of the time, but if it links up an interesting off road ride, thats fine. If an old log road to a river or creek, waterfall or any kind of trail seemingly headed anywhere that looks interesting comes up in my exploration, I'm taking it. My goal is to eventually see every mountain top, creek, valley, overlook, river, and any other interesting thing in the Ouachitas. I can take any fairly good off road rider to some pretty interesting places now, and would like to lead or be led by anyone with similar interests to see more.

Eventually I'd like to find a mostly off road route to the Talimena Ok. area to link up with the Talimaniacs, some salty old off roaders who ride mostly singletrack in the Talimena area. I've ridden with them before, great bunch and great riders. Talimena is a fantastic place to ride, but it's pretty darn tough. About like an Enduro race course most of the time, but certainly not impossible. Perryville to Talimena Ok., mostly off road, on the most difficult roads/trails possible for a DS bike sound like fun? I think it could be accomplished in 6-12 months of exploration? If we did it in less time, or it took 5 years, so what?

Yes, I like to rough it a bit, but don't mind a sidetrip to a good restaurant, or maybe even an overnight stay in a hotel on occasion. Or I'll eat MREs and camp, whatever, as long as I'm getting to ride and explore! I like straying off to historical sites, mines, abandoned towns, old cemetaries, Civil war battlesites, whatever. Or I'll ride up the side of a mountain just to see what's on top and take in the view.

I've been riding by myself for 30 years, but it's probably time to be a little safer and partner up with someone or someones. Besides, its more fun with other riders.

Am I the only idiot willing to commit, or do I have to keep riding by myself? Tomorrow, starting about 9am, I am headed Southwest towards Ok. through the Ouachitas. It will have to be a one day ride, but I'm going to mostly stick to roads with a few excursions, and see if I can make it half way? Or I may forget setting a half way goal if I find enough interesting side routes to take. I am going to keep riding with our without you, but why not tag along? Or if you know the area better than me, or you are better with GPS than me, which won't be hard, I'll follow.

Lets ride the harder side of the Ouachitas, Arkies!
I am totally down with this philosophy. For me, riding is about riding. Eating at restaurants and staying in hotels is a separate deal. It's nice, but I can do that on a car trip. I'm trying to pair down my bike, and gear, to the smallest, lightest combo possible for extended off-road trips. Light and minimalist is the way to go. I've picked up my adventure bike by myself too many times to want to do it much more. Big bike + off road = not fun.

Anyway, just saying that you're not alone in your desire to get off the beaten path. I'm new to the area so I don't know much about any of the places you are talking about, but I've ridden some desolate stuff in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada. And I liked it. Let us know how your route works out. I'm in Fayetteville.
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