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Originally Posted by Hangar14 View Post
Good riddance. I have had 2 run in's with this guy when I ran Bend Euro Moto. I have video of him assulting employees there. I should post it, it is pretty embarassing for him since he got held on the ground by a 250 pound mechanic and then was made to leave. Funny thing is, his first stop after BEM was the Black Horse Saloon, and it just so happened the first employee assulted at my shops wife was the manager of that bar. Got him 86'd from there too.
This guy is a POS and I am hoping I never cross his cat loving stupid ass path again. Twice was enough.

Conur. Stayed at the his so called lodge one time and the guy has some majooooooooooooooooooor issues. It was almost comical as to how he thinks he's the greatest thing to bless the earth. If I'd of had to spend another minute around him I'd of jumped out of the nearest window (regardless of floor level).
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