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2013 honda cb1100

dear honda

the new 2013 cb1100 is the best looking motorcycle in the world for sale at a half way decent price . i still have an irresistible attraction to the ultra cool black 2013 bmw k1300s but this is an entirely different kind of appreciation . the latest modern german fairings and sport touring designs are awesome . now honda releases a retro style bike with four pipes running to the rear and not one square inch of modern fairing design on the whole bike . this is honda at its best . it is as if francis coppola decided to make a new godfather movie in 2013 and it was even better than the original . the cb1100 looks like an old style motorcycle without being ridiculous about it and trying to be retro modern ( like some recent retro modern cruiser style bikes ) . the release pictures for the up coming usa import show impressive works of modern no nonsense industrial design . there was another pic of a black model floating around :

this black model ( which unfortunately will not be sold in the usa ) appears to have a black engine along with its other black parts and black gas tank . also this black model appears to have black wheels . i much prefer this black 2013 cb1100 to the red model with chrome engine that will be imported to the usa . i would also like honda to offer additional black parts for the cb1100 black model . the main suggestion would be an optional set of all black four into FOUR exhaust pipes and optional black fenders and optional black headlamp and optional detachable very tall highway windshield plus a short detachable passenger back rest and black rear luggage rack heated grips and cruise control and floorboards for rider and passenger . a totally blacked out four into four pipe 2013 honda cb1100 could be the most beautiful motorcycle ever built in my humble opinion . i would appreciate advice from the knowledgeable readers of this thread if i can possibly contact the honda factory and have these modifications done buy honda motorcycle technicians ( for an extra price ) . it would be worth the price .

new york ny
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