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Originally Posted by doggrell3000 View Post
i would appreciate advice from the knowledgeable readers of this thread if i can possibly contact the honda factory and have these modifications done buy honda motorcycle technicians ( for an extra price ) . it would be worth the price .
Buy a set of after market pipes of your choice, immediately send them off for ceramic coating in black. It will look awesome (I've seen a Valkyrie with this done). You will likely want pipes with a bit more volume than factory anyway... so don't worry about getting Honda to supply them.

Find someone to custom paint the fenders (with matching paint code from Honda) to match the tank. Price varies from one paint shop to the next... so do your homework before you decide on a painter.

As for the engine... this is a bit more difficult. painting will require removing it from the frame. I would suggest powder coat.

That's the best advice I can come up with at the moment. I hope it helps you out.
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