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Some friends and I did the trip (from the Toronto area) last summer. We took our time and did the following.

Day 1 - Toronto -> Quebec City (ok this was a long slab day)
Day 2 - Quebec City -> Manic 5
Day 3 - Manic 5 -> Labrador City
Day 4 - Labrador City -> Churchill Falls (we arrived early enough for the tour that after noon)
Day 5 - Churchill Falls -> Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Day 6 - HV-GB -> Port Hope Simpson
Day 7 - Port Hope Simpson -> Saint Barbe (This included the Ferry to island)
Day 8 - St. Anthony area for the Day.
Day 9 - St. Anthony -> Gros Mourne Park.
Day 10 - From here we split up, I went acorss the island to see family, the rest did a day here and then south to the ferry.

- Don't ride @ night on island.
- Reservations are a nice but not needed for the Labrador to Newfoundland ferry. Make them anyway, easily moved if you miss it. Good to have if you arrive in time.
- Reservations are a must for the Newfoundland to Nova Scotia ferry.
- Don't Ride at night on island.
- Fresh Heidenau's should be good, two people on our trip ran them. I liked my Heidenau rear/TKC front combo better for the times we did have loose gravel and the sand/gravel of fire lake rd.
- Didn't worry about weather to much, we looked just before we went and it looked ok. We just dealt with what we got, a nice mix of sunny days and soaking days.
- Longest between fuel stops was 404km (HV-GB to Port Hope Simpson) I did bring 5L spare and I would have jsut make it without it. There was one 1200GS with us (2up) and he made the whole stretch just fine. Personally I would rather bring it just in case.

Any of the ride reports here are excellent resources, we used them lots when planning the trip.

Have fun!
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